"Heather Shadko will bring heart, passion, integrity and hard work to the Council. Her experience will allow her to hit the ground running!" 

-Milt Temblay, Buckley City Council

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"As a long-term resident I care deeply about our city. I’ve been actively engaged in ensuring that Puyallup is a community where people want to live.  My first term accomplishments included increasing our parks, creating a sidewalk connection program to safeguard pedestrians and hiring additional police officers. I will work to ensure that as our city grows, we remain a vibrant, safe community."

Protecting our city's assets

Dedicated to the city of Puyallup, Heather Shadko has taken steps to support city parks, our library and citizen services. Shadko has always been an example of true leadership for our community.

"As Puyallup has grown we’ve been able to maintain our feeling of community.  I will work to ensure our neighborhoods remain safe, traffic impacts are mitigated, and will continue to look for innovative ways to move our city into the future!"

A voice for our community

There is no stop to the lengths of community service shown by Shadko. Her passion for volunteering in the community has been constant, with monthly involvement in local environmental projects.

"Businesses are vital for Puyallup to thrive, working to attract businesses that provide quality job opportunities is a top priority.  My vision is for Puyallup to grow in ways that benefit our community, while still protecting our quality of life."

Sustainable infrastucture

Shadko supports a complete and total strengthening of our police, fire and our emergency response systems/roads.

"Listening to our citizens’ priorities will be my guiding principle while working collaboratively to tackle the tough issues facing our city.  I will continue advocating for growth that doesn’t adversely impact our community.  Fiscal responsibility is essential to me; I support economic decisions that move our city forward."